Metal Powders

Following a Self-sufficiency approach, Tabriz Powder Metallurgy Co. has initiated a metal powder production line. Products include -but not limited to-: Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Bronze and Brass Powders, all fabricated according to SAE and ISO Standard codes, mesh analyzed according to ASTM. The Major part of capacity of production line is assigned to Bronze Powder, which is used as an ingredient in other products.
All Copper based alloys –except for Copper-Zinc (Brass) - are called “Bronze”, known specifically by the name of main additive element, e.g. Aluminum-Copper which is called Aluminum Bronze. Yet, the most common acceptation intended of Bronze is the Copper-Tin Alloy, which is the most used among all, due to high resistance against abrasion, Corrosion, Tension and Fatigue. More ever, several standards suggest some additives to enhance the properties. Lead is an instance that improves machining aptitude. All above nominates Bronze as the most useful choice for the parts like Bushings and Bearings, which perform under high speed and stress.
Bronze Powder produced by this company is fully reliable for PM Method fabricated parts due to good quality owing to high quality raw material, accurate process management and fully controlled grin size.
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Products include -but not limited to-:
1-Particle size distribution of copper powders
2-Particle size distribution of Bronze Powders
3-Particle size distribution of Brass Powders
4-Particle size distribution of Aluminum powders