About Us

متالورژی پودر تبریز سهامی خاص
Founded in 1994, Pointing forward to production of the industrial parts with methods of Powder Metallurgy, launched its Bi-Metal production line with a capacity of 42 tons per year in 1996, and reached the full operation in 1998. Following the large development policies, company holds a major share of national and international markets, renders a proficient cooperation with related light and heavy industries of the country; and meanwhile, exports to European and Asian destinations. To have more targets hit in international markets, Tabriz Powder Ferrous Metallurgy Company has Quality Management on top priority that has brought many national and international credible vocational certificates. Now, company has the product lines of the day established, making the best use of expert and capable local and expat staff. Moreover, the foundation of the collective complex of Tabriz Powder Metallurgy with the goal of production of all metal powders, Bi-metal parts, vehicle bearings, various powder parts and friction pads, is in current general agenda of which the lines are being installed according to the planned order.